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Bonneville Environmental is a company dedicated to helping keep homes and businesses safe. We started in the construction industry over 35 years ago, and are familiar with construction techniques and materials that are used in homes and commercial buildings. We know what to look for and test in buildings that may contain asbestos or lead.


We are trained and certified to inspect homes, businesses and apartments for asbestos. Any time that renovation is done in these buildings, inspections are recommended and required to assure that no asbestos is being disturbed so workers and occupants are kept safe from exposure to asbestos. The laws are changing in Utah to make contractors responsible for any disturbance of asbestos in a structure. This is of course accompanied by substantial fines if sampling is not done or if asbestos is disturbed. Bonneville Environmental helps protect both home owners and contractors to assure that the materials that are going to be disturbed are reliably tested to protect from inadvertently damaging asbestos containing materials and contaminating a property or exposing occupants or workers in a property. We use certified laboratories to analyze samples of each material to assure that both people and companies are protected.

Lead Based Paint.

People have become more aware about the dangers of the lead in Lead Based Paint. For owners of homes, daycare centers and schools that were built before 1978, lead can be a real concern. According to the EPA, over one million children are affected by lead poisoning today. The CDC recently lowered the recommended lead-level limits in children from 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood to 5 micrograms per deciliter. Lead poisoning has been shown to affect cognitive development in children and may lower their I.Q. When homes are sold that were built before 1978, information is always given about the possibility of Lead Based Paint in the home, but most families do not recognize the dangers to their children of exposure to lead. Simple testing can be done that confirms the presence or lack of lead in paint that can have a profound effect of children’s health. Bonneville Environmental can test for lead and also assess the risks of any Lead Based Paint found in a home.


A great concern of home buyers and people moving into a new apartment is methamphetamine contamination. Most people think that there may be meth in their home or apartment only if a lab for manufacturing meth was located in the home. Today, most homes contaminated by meth are contaminated by use or “smoking” meth in the home, and not by a lab manufacturing it. Some home inspectors offer “testing” for methamphetamine, but are not licensed to actually perform this testing. Bonneville Environmental is both licensed and experienced in testing for meth and decontaminating a property if meth is found.


Mold is also an area of concern for many people. Bonneville Environmental can both inspect for mold and test in homes to assure your home’s healthy environment. Our inspectors take a balanced approach to mold and can do both pre-testing to find any mold problems in you home and post-testing to insure that any mold that may be in your home is properly remediated. We have over ten years’ experience in this industry and guarantee our work and our testing.


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